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Investment Requirements

The rights to start the business in your location are purchased through a license agreement with IdeaVision.  The cost of the license is a one-time fee of $12,400 which represents your minimum initial investment in the business (refer to Financing for loan and payment plan options).  Aside from travel expenses for training at your location (an option discussed below), there are no other mandatory start-up fees that must be paid to IdeaVision.

Start-up costs in general are low, but the following items should also be considered when budgeting for your total initial investment:

Expense Item


Computer Hardware Upgrades or any new equipment that you need.  Often not a significant expense if you own a reasonably late model computer already.  Refer to Hardware Requirements for further details.
Travel for Training Travel from your location to Orlando, FL for the two-day training session.  Optionally, a a representative from IdeaVision will travel to your location as long as you reimburse IdeaVision for their travel expenses.  Typical costs (regardless of location) include airfare, hotel, rental car and meals.
Initial Marketing No mandatory budget is required, but it's recommended that you set aside $1,000 - $2,000 if possible for start-up marketing and office expenses.

Note that ongoing operational expenses for your business are also relatively low.  This aspect is discussed further under the Frequently Asked Questions topic What are the ongoing costs after start-up?

Territory Option

The license includes a protected territory, which defines an area where only one licensed business is located.  The standard territory size typically ranges from 200,000-400,000 population, depending on the population density of an area.  Territories are described further under the Frequently Asked Questions topic How do protected territories work?

You may optionally purchase an additional territory or an expanded territory size.  The same license fee applies for each territory, while the cost of an expanded territory is prorated based on the additional size.  A standard territory is more than sufficient to operate the business successfully, but this option is available to support future growth plans that you may have.

About Licensing

Licensing is a business relationship that allows entrepreneurs to start an independent business using the knowledge base and tools developed by another company.  In this case, IdeaVision has been developing the business since 1993.  Countless improvements and lessons learned have occurred along the way.  This kind of undertaking obviously requires a huge investment in both time and money that is impractical and highly risky for an individual to take on themselves.

However, the license arrangement provides you with a viable path to starting the business for a small fraction of the time, money and risk that would otherwise be required.  IdeaVision is reimbursed for their efforts over time from the sale of the licenses and other mutual opportunities that arise with the operating businesses.

Why You Buy a Defined Business

People buy a defined business, whether it's via a license or franchise agreement, because it makes good business sense.  It's unlikely that you'll hear anyone tout 'Do-it-Yourself' as a good business concept, especially when everything you need is already available and prepackaged for you.

A watered down, do-it-yourself version can rarely compete in the marketplace.  You're up against a company that has been developing the business for many years.  You're also competing against a large team of experienced franchisees or licensees (i.e. the owners of the operating businesses) who are contributing to the business advancement on a daily basis as well.

The amount "saved" in the short-term by cutting out a franchise or license fee is quickly overwhelmed by the cost of a never-ending start-up time, expensive trial and error failures and weak (or no) revenues that result.  Spending time and money reinventing something won't make you successful.

Understanding Your Investment

It's also important to understand that the purchase of a business is an investment decision.  The value of this purchase isn't the vehicles, computers, machinery, software or other tangible items used in the business.  Like any investment, the real value is determined by the return you obtain from it over time.  The return from a business such as the Visionair Builder consists of two primary components:

  1. The cumulative income generated over the lifespan of  your business
  2. The personal satisfaction and improved quality of life obtained from doing something that you enjoy

The license fee is minor compared to the long-term financial potential for a successful business owner.  This aspect makes for a good investment in itself.  However, the improved quality of life can be priceless, more important than the financial considerations for many people.

Resources Provided

In order to help you obtain the maximum return from your investment, IdeaVision guides you through all start-up and operational aspects of the business.  Many resources are provided to convey the knowledge base that has been developed by IdeaVision and its team of business owners, along with the tools necessary to operate your business effectively:


Description / Benefit

Proven Business Model Developed from years of market research, testing and actual business operation.  The model fully defines the top-level business strategy, services, competition, pricing, marketing, sales, technology, financial control, growth and all other key business aspects.  There's no quicker or more cost effective approach to starting a professional, high-tech business.
Market Evaluation Guide To help you thoroughly research the target market for your specific location, identify customers, quantify market potential and develop strategies for quickly building your customer base.
Professional Imaging Tools Custom visualization software and building / landscaping libraries, developed exclusively for the Visionair Builder business, to maximize the capability and profitability of your business.
Business Plan Detailed operational plan (150+ pages) to walk you step-by-step through all aspects of starting, marketing and running your business.
Personalized Training Two days of one-on-one instruction at IdeaVision or your location covering all aspects of the business to get your venture off to a quick and successful start-up.  Training is personalized to focus on areas where you need the most assistance.
Team Services Full access to our team web site where business owners share information with each other.  The site features an extensive library of marketing documents (brochures, letters, advertisements, special promotions, etc.).  Links to business reference materials, a tips section with lessons learned by the owners, an imaging system upgrade center, and business announcements are also included.

The marketing library alone pays back your license fee because you have instant access to professional marketing materials that are key to winning new business.
Business Development Continuous advancement of business capabilities, implemented through frequent enhancements of imaging software, advertising materials and other business tools.
Long-Term Consulting Support Prompt assistance for all your business and technical questions, or sometimes just a lending ear to bounce ideas off of.  There is no time limit for support in order to assure that you can always obtain help and guidance when needed.
Protected Territory A defined geographic area where no other Visionair Builder based business will be located.  There is no need to worry about direct competition.
Network of Business Owners Coordinated by IdeaVision, the network is a valuable source of experiences, ideas, shared project work, and even new friends with a common interest.  Starting a business doesn't mean you have to go at it alone.
Business Knowledge Base Avoid expensive mistakes and learning the hard way by leveraging off proven experience on how to run your business and address critical business situations in the proper manner.

Hardware is not included because the imaging system runs on standard Microsoft Windows based computers to help you make the best use of your existing equipment and minimize the need to invest in new equipment.  Click on Imaging System when you return to the Information Selector to learn more about the system and hardware requirements.

Value of Your License

IdeaVision provides all the key resources that are essential for successful business operation, which you wouldn't otherwise have access to.  The Visionair Builder license is also offered for a lower investment than other professional, high-tech opportunities require.  It's an even better value when you consider the following:

  • No royalty fees to rob you of your hard earned profits
  • Professional rate of return on your time
  • Turnkey operation minimizes start-up time and costs
  • Low operating expenses lets you keep more earnings:
    • Largest "cost" is your time
    • No expensive office space - you work at home
    • Referral based marketing cuts advertising cost
  • No employees to manage unless you want to expand
  • Minimal equipment requirements and no inventory
  • Simplified administration that you can do yourself
  • Large library of marketing resources at your disposal
  • Ongoing development continually enhances investment
  • Business consulting assistance included

...and if financing the business, one average project (less than a day's work) often covers your monthly payment.

What's more, our Business Evaluation Program lets you be the judge for yourself by experiencing the business before making an investment decision.  You'll find that evaluating and buying the business is an enjoyable process without any sales pressure.  If you decide that the business is right for you, then we'll warmly welcome you to our team of business owners participating in this exciting and rewarding opportunity.


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