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The IdeaVision web site is organized in sections so that you can learn about the business in an orderly manner.  Each major section of the site is listed on the navigation bar that appears on the left hand side of every page.  The current section is always shown in white.  The topics within each section are outlined in the directory below.

For first time visitors, the recommended approach is to glance over the topic names in the directory in order to become more familiar with the information that's available in each section.  Then if time permits, start with Intro and step through each section using the navigation bar, moving down in the order listed.

If you're returning to the site or otherwise looking for specific information, click on any heading or topic in the directory to view the item.  You can return to the directory at any time by clicking on its link in the navigation bar.

Quick Facts - Business facts at a glance

Overview - Summary of key business information

Get Started - Evaluate business at your location

Info Center - All the details


Learn More - Ask questions / request information

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