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IdeaVision, Inc. is the developer of the Visionair Builder business. The company was founded in 1993 to create new computer visualization techniques that improve the home building / remodeling experience for homeowners and building professionals. IdeaVision worked closely with homeowners, builders, architects, Realtors, developers and other construction related businesses near its Central Florida location. New visualization services evolved from these efforts, which turned into the prototype for the Visionair Builder business.

An entrepreneurial approach...

A key decision in the evolution of the Visionair Builder business is the organizational structure which IdeaVision chose to promote its growth. Instead of focusing resources into a centralized location, it was decided that a team of entrepreneurs running independent businesses in locations throughout the country would be a better approach. IdeaVision is responsible for using its expertise to develop the business and provide support to each location. Businesses licensed by IdeaVision in the various locations are responsible for delivering the actual visualization services to their community.

This entrepreneurial approach brings a level of enthusiasm and commitment to the business that couldn't be achieved through a typical company/employee structure. It also makes the service as widely available as possible.

The team concept...

The relationship between IdeaVision and the licensed businesses isn't hierarchical like you'll find in a franchise. A franchisee (the business buyer) is clearly subordinate to the franchisor (the business seller). Instead, IdeaVision and the licensed businesses operate as a closely linked team that strives toward a common goal. Each member of the team is on an equal footing, sharing resources and knowledge for the benefit of all the businesses.

Thus, even though IdeaVision is a separate legal entity, the "extended company" could also be accurately described as an organization of businesses. The team formalized this arrangement by creating its own organization called the Association of Visualization Professionals. Our logo is shown below:

AVP Logo

Your business benefits in several ways from this arrangement. You enjoy total independence and flexibility from an ownership standpoint to run your business as you see fit. At the same time, you are part of a larger organization which brings instant credibility and a wealth of resources to your business that wouldn't be feasible otherwise. You can choose to become involved with the team as little or as much as you like, but you certainly won't feel alone in your business.

Focusing on the right things...

IdeaVision is a small, privately held corporation. Our personal approach to doing business will make you quickly feel at ease. The company is in excellent financial standing, with no commercial debt, public shareholders or any other external obligations to adversely influence it's management policies and decision making. As a result, IdeaVision is able to focus on evolving the business without financial pressures.

Treating you with respect...

There isn't a need for a business sales team at IdeaVision. You are given an opportunity to independently evaluate the business and make a decision without any sales pressure. Instead of being #53 for the year, you are treated with respect as an individual who may someday become a valuable member of the team. This whole concept of doing business is noticeably different. Our entire team benefits in the long-run.

Validating our good standing...

IdeaVision conducts business in an ethical manner and expects the same from each of the licensed businesses. Our good standing with the Better Business Bureau may be validated by following the steps below.  Note that the statement "This is not a BBB accredited business" simply means we aren't a fee paying member, an option chosen because the paid services aren't applicable for us.

  • Visit the Better Business Bureau home page
  • Select Check Out A Business on the home page
  • Enter IdeaVision (one word) for Business Name
  • Click Search
  • Click listing for IdeaVision, Inc. on results page

A fun location!

Innovation, entrepreneurial orientation and dedication to our core business makes IdeaVision uniquely sensitive to the needs of fellow entrepreneurs who are attracted to the Visionair Builder concept. IdeaVision is located in central Florida (Orlando area), close to Orlando International Airport and the many central Florida attractions.

IdeaVision, Inc.
4775 Lillian Black Rd
St. Cloud, FL  34771


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