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Do home improvement, landscaping, decorating, real estate, computers or photography interest you?

Then you're going to enjoy this business.  No special expertise is required, other than a reasonable level of personal computer skills.  Thus, our team of business owners located throughout the US and Canada come from many diverse backgrounds. They do share a common vision for the exciting future of visualization, and probably some of your own self-employment goals:

  • Providing a reputable, professional service
  • Working from a home or business office, full or part-time
  • Matching income activities with personal interests
  • "Retiring" early with meaningful income
  • Moving from other careers
  • Making a difference by helping people

A new business concept...

Computer-based tools have been used for many years to help building contractors design and manufacture homes.  In contrast, relatively little assistance has been provided to the homebuyer to make the process easier for them.  Just ask anyone who recently purchased or remodeled a home to see how much help they received on the visual aspects of their plans.

The Visionair Builder service addresses this deficiency by applying computer visualization technology to help current and future homeowners make better decisions for their home. Decisions are made quicker and more confidently, with a lot less frustration, than ever before.

Visualization, not illustration...

The Visionair Builder is not an architectural illustration service that does renderings (artistic pictures) of planned projects.  In contrast, visualization is a dynamic process that stimulates mental images of the many possibilities for a project.  Homeowners need to see for themselves how combinations of materials, colors, landscaping and other options will look in order to make good decisions.  The Visionair Builder service uses the latest decision support techniques to interactively bring ideas to life, something that a static picture can't possibly do.

Design and artistic experience are not required...

Architects, builders and other qualified personnel still do the actual design.  The Visionair Builder service takes the design one step further to help people make decisions on materials, colors and landscaping that are virtually impossible to imagine otherwise, but have a tremendous impact on the final look of a project.

The custom imaging system handles the technical details for you so construction knowledge and artistic skills aren't required.  Instead, fundamental business skills and the ability to work with people are much more important.  Thus, the ideal candidate is an entrepreneurial person who has the mindset to apply a business-oriented, non-technical approach to helping people make better decisions for their homes.  Reasonable personal computer skills, combined with a little imagination, open up endless business possibilities.

Target two large market segments...
  1. Homeowners need visualization to "see" how their new home, landscaping and remodeling ideas will look before expensive and often irreversible construction is started.  It's a huge market, considering the millions of homes that are built and resold on an annul basis.
  2. Building Professionals (builders, remodelers, Realtors, landscapers, etc.) use visualization as a powerful sales tool for their home building and home-related products.  Increased sales, eliminating delays caused by indecision, minimizing costly rework and improved customer satisfaction are a few of the many benefits.  This market segment is an excellent source of repeat, long-term business.

Why using the service makes sense...

Like other professions, special expertise and advanced tools are both needed to do visualization properly.  That's why the do-it-yourself approach (using consumer software from the computer store or Internet) doesn't work.  Anyone who has tried knows this too well.

The average homeowner doesn't have the knowledge, time, money (or desire) to develop a meaningful capability solely for their own projects.  Building professionals want to focus on their core business, not develop a supporting service that can be delivered to them more effectively.  In both cases, using the service just makes good sense.

Imagine all the potential applications...

  1. New Construction
    • Home Building
    • Storefronts
    • Office buildings
    • Clubhouses
    • Entrances
  2. Landscaping
    • Tree, shrub, flower selection
    • Color and texture coordination
    • Growth analysis
    • Sidewalks, patios, driveways
    • Fences, walls, trellises
  3. Remodeling
    • Room and garage additions
    • Exterior and interior painting
    • Siding and roofing upgrades
    • New windows and door systems
    • Wallpaper and flooring

An affordable business...

The price of the business is $12,400, offered via a simple licensing arrangement.  Licensing is a more flexible and much less expensive approach than franchising.  The relatively low investment level opens up many financing options, including a payment plan available from IdeaVision.

Your total start-up cost is not much more.  You should budget for computer upgrades (if necessary) and an additional $1,000-2,000 to kick off your initial advertising campaigns.   It's hard to come by a comprehensive business that's more affordable to start and operate:

  • One-time license fee with no royalty charges
  • Professional rate of return on your time
  • Low overhead and operating expenses
  • No employees to pay or manage
  • No inventory and minimal equipment requirements
  • Ongoing business development is included

A turnkey solution...

The license provides you with everything you need to make starting your business easy.  It includes the conceptual approach, business strategies, workflow, marketing, advertising, custom software tools, pricing, management practices, training and support that are necessary to implement the entire business model.  Success requires an end-to-end business solution, not just computers and software.

Leverage off a defined capability...

Your investment in the Visionair Builder represents an opportunity to quickly start a visualization business that required years of effort and major financial outlays to develop.  Consider the advantage of teaming with IdeaVision, a company devoted exclusively to developing the Visionair Builder business concept since 1993.  Our business owners have the vision to leverage off a defined capability in order to capitalize on the tremendous growth potential of this innovative visualization concept.

Try the business before investing...

You should never invest in a business without a full understanding of what you are getting in return. In this regard, IdeaVision invites you to learn more about the Visionair Builder business at your own location without obligation. Our Business Evaluation Program is a great way to gain hands-on experience with the business to evaluate its potential for yourself.  The evaluation provides a simple way to get started.  More importantly, it's the right way.


What next?

The Business Evaluation Program is the next step for those who are ready to begin actively exploring the business.  Click Get Started to learn about the evaluation and how to enroll.

To find out if your location is available or to ask questions, call IdeaVision at 321-250-4800 or click Learn More and complete the information request form.

If you're looking for more information, details on key business topics are available in the Information Center.  Here you'll learn about buying the business, financing options, the imaging system, frequent questions, and example projects.  A business tour is also included to give you insight into what it's like to operate the business.

People often tell us how long they've searched to find a business that fits their interests so well.  We hope it's just the opportunity you've been looking for.

Questions, more information? Contact IdeaVision...

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