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The Project Showcase is a Flash presentation that allows you to view actual visualization projects completed by our operating businesses.  The Showcase sequences through before and after images for approximately 20 projects, covering many different applications for our service.  Images are reduced in size here to improve download time, but the real imaging output provides the highest level of detail and realism for our clients.

Click the link below to view the Showcase.  Load time is very quick on a high-speed connection, but could take 3-5 minutes for dial-up access.  Since a separate window opens, you may continue viewing other parts of the site during the loading process.  Afterwards, refer to the remainder of this section to help put into context what you just saw.

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Decision Making vs. Pictures

Note that the "before" and "after" in the Showcase tells only a small part of the story.  It's the "in between" observed during the imaging process that's critical for helping people visualize ideas and explore alternatives in order to make the proper decisions for their projects.  Each project involved looking at different options for items such as paint colors, window / door styles, roofing materials, siding, landscaping plants and interior effects.

The business is unique because it focuses on assisting the human thought process.  While traditional services create "static" pictures or artwork, the essence of our service is interaction, decision making and communication.  In fact, our clients actively participate as much as they like, either in person or via the Internet.  Until now, convenient access to an affordable service of this nature simply didn't exist.


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