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A Custom Solution

One of the key tools used in the business is a specialized imaging system that was developed by IdeaVision. The system is driven by custom imaging software that automates each step of the visualization process in order to make the service easy, fast and affordable to provide.

A custom solution is necessary, like it is for many businesses, because there is no other way to meet the specific needs of the business. Thus, you'll have the satisfaction of working with a unique software tool that is used only within the business by your fellow business owners.

Business-Oriented Technology

The underlying technology behind imaging is complex. Advanced mathematical techniques in particular are required to create the images that you see. However, the imaging system handles all the technical details for you so that you can concentrate on your customers and the visual aspects of their projects.

In contrast to most imaging solutions, you don't need specialized computer graphics, drawing and other technical skills. Our business, people-oriented approach is unique. It makes visualization an intuitive and fun experience for everyone involved.

The following business features set the imaging system apart from standard imaging solutions. They are crucial to making the service viable:

Business Feature


Process automation Automates a defined business model
For business people Apply a business (versus technical) solution
Non-tedious operation Focus on customers, not the computer
Quick project turnaround Maximize project volume and revenue
Standard hardware Low capital investment / maintenance costs
Interactive environment Invite your customers to participate
Affordable process Widespread application in more markets
User customization Optimize for your business location
Workflow features Hire employees to grow your business
Customer on-site mode Example of many unique services
User driven development Ongoing upgrades per your needs
Non-traditional approach Differentiate your business
Fun to use Enjoyable for you and your customers

Software Overview

The software is implemented as a C++ application that runs under both 32 and 64-bit versions of the Windows operating systems (7 / Vista / XP / Me / 98 / 95).  It's a time-tested, mature application that has been in constant use since its original release in 1995. A familiar, user-friendly interface is provided to make the system easy to learn and operate. If you have any experience working on a personal computer (Windows or Mac), you'll feel at home with the software right away.

The object based architecture is ideal for expanding system capabilities, which is done on an ongoing basis. The latest software development tools and programming technologies are used  to provide the maximum capability for your business.

You'll probably never fully utilize all of the capabilities that you have access to with the system. You'll rely on the features needed for the types of projects that you focus on most for your own customers. As such, there is always room to add new capabilities and grow your business using other aspects of the system. Your business never becomes stagnant in terms of capability, which is an important benefit of your business license.

Imaging Library

An extensive library that includes hundreds of realistic building materials, colors and landscaping plants is provided for your projects. Each library item is painstakingly created for the imaging system in order to meet stringent scaling, color, perspective, detail and sharpness requirements.

Since our businesses are located in diverse geographic regions, several tools are built into the imaging system to help you further customize the library with materials and plants for your specific area. For example, new items can be quickly transferred from professional, CD-ROM based image libraries that are available from IdeaVision and other sources. Many images are freely available for downloading from product manufacturer sites on the Internet.

You can also scan items directly from photos, books, magazines, product brochures and other publications. You can even take a digital picture of any item. Thus, there's always a way to include the exact items that you want in your imaging library.

Software Upgrades

The imaging software is upgraded frequently to feed new capabilities into the business as quickly as possible for use by the business owners. Multiple upgrades are typically done on a yearly basis. The upgrades are simply downloaded from the Upgrades Center at our team web site, without charge.

The enhancements are often a result of feedback from owners on ways they would like to improve or expand their service. Thus, you'll have an important say in how the software evolves to meet the growing needs of your business.

Hardware Requirements

The imaging system runs on a variety of Windows based Pentium or equivalent personal computers (both desktop and notebook) to help you make the best use of your existing equipment and minimize the need to invest in new equipment. General requirements are listed below. The numbers in parenthesis are acceptable for evaluation purposes, but not for business operation (N/A means the equipment is not needed for evaluation).



Operating System Windows 7, Vista, XP:
32 or 64-bit
Windows 9x: Me, 98, 95
Processor 7 / Vista: 1GHz
XP: 600 MHz (*300 MHz)
9x: 300 MHz (*200 MHz)
Memory 7 / Vista: 512MB-1GB
XP: 256 MB (*64 MB)
9x: 128 MB (*64 MB)
Free Disk Space 250 MB (*200 MB)
Video Resolution / Color 1280 x 1024 / 24-bit
(*1024 x 768 / 16-bit)
Monitor 17" or 19" (*Any size)
Flatbed Scanner 600 DPI optical resolution / 24-bit color (*N/A)
Color Printer Photographic quality / 8.5" x 11" output (*N/A)
Camera 35mm or 2+ megapixel digital (*N/A)

All of the hardware requirements are easily met by mainstream technology. As a result, the equipment is widely available at reasonable prices. If hardware is needed, IdeaVision provides technical assistance for upgrading your existing system or purchasing a new one. A new system, customized to your needs, costs under $2,500.

Some business owners find it advantageous to work on a desktop computer with a large monitor in their office, while taking a notebook computer with them to visit customers. Others work strictly from a notebook computer, in which case a large display on the notebook (or an external flat panel monitor that's portable) is important.

Additional Information

More information on the imaging system is available in a comprehensive paper titled "The Role of Software in the Business". The paper, which includes answers to frequently asked questions about the Visionair Builder imaging software, is available via the Information Selector. Click here if you would like to view the paper now.


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