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The Visionair Builder visualization service delivers an innovative capability that provides a rewarding opportunity for those individuals who decide to start the business. With this in mind, there's no better way to learn about the business than to experience it for yourself. The business tour enables you to do just that. Imagine that you're operating your own visualization service. Take a peek inside your business to see how exciting it really is.

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Just sit back, relax and have some fun. Some day it may be for real...

First Stop - President's Office

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This is your office...

It's your business and you're the boss. No one tells you what to do. You decide when to work and for how many hours. Taking time off during the day for personal business is no longer a problem. Company politics, minimal raises, stunted career growth and other organizational headaches are all behind you now. What lies ahead is real opportunity and excitement... something you can look forward to every day.

What about the office itself? Although you could rent space if you like, the office is probably in your home because you have the ideal home-based business. There isn't any better environment for you or your customers to explore building and remodeling ideas than the comfort of your home. Making room isn't a problem because you don't need a large work space. A computer work area, desk or table, and comfortable chairs are the main items for your office. Your imaging computer doubles as your administrative and communications assistant so office expenses are minimal.

You may prefer not to have customers in your home office. That works too because your business is very mobile. Thus, you can easily take the service to your customers as well. The imaging system is fully functional on a notebook computer. Your computer has a large, quality display because of the visual focus of your business. You may even use a separate large-screen LCD panel (but still very portable) that connects to your computer. In either case, customers are impressed when they see the vivid image of their home and the changes you make to it.

On many projects, the Internet reduces or eliminates travel time altogether for you and your customers. A special page is created for the customer at your company web site, displaying photographic visuals of the project as it comes together and comments regarding the project. Customers view their project when it's most convenient for them, replying via a web form or e-mail with their own comments. Customers love the idea of seeing an Internet page devoted to them. Plus, the Internet makes it easy to show ideas to family members, contractors and others involved with their project.

Imagine the convenience and pleasant surroundings of working from your own home office. Don't get too comfortable though. It's time to get to work (if that's all right with you)...

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View tour directory Computer Center

The Visionair Builder imaging system is the centerpiece of your business.

You'll feel comfortable with the system right away because it provides a user friendly, non-technical approach to visualization. Complete training is provided to teach you everything that you need to know. The imaging software is custom designed to automate the specific needs of your business and make it profitable. It's a pleasure using professional level software which recognizes that business people want to focus on their business, not technical details. It's also very satisfying to work with a unique system that is available only to you and your fellow Visionair Builder business owners.

The imaging system runs on standard PC hardware, most of which you've probably used before. General requirements include:

  • Pentium or equivalent PC
  • Windows operating system (7 / Vista / XP / Me / 98 / 95)
  • 1280 x 1024 video resolution with 24-bit color
  • 17" or 19" color monitor
  • Flatbed scanner
  • Color photo printer
  • Camera (35mm or digital)

In fact, you may own some or all of the hardware already. Any item that you don't own is readily available from all the major computer dealers. Most businesses need similar equipment just to handle their administrative tasks. It's nice to know that the investment you've made in your computer serves as the primary tool for providing your services as well.

You can run the business entirely on a notebook computer if you like. However, many business owners choose to work on a desktop computer in their office, taking a notebook computer with them to visit customers. The primary advantage of a desktop computer is the ability to use higher end graphics cards and external monitors for the best visual output. For example, color calibration features that enable you to optimize color accuracy are included in the better graphics cards and monitors. There is also a much wider range of size and quality options available for external monitors. Graphics capabilities in notebook computers are more limited due to the size constraints.

One of the most unique services that you offer is the interactive imaging session, where customers sit in to participate in the process of viewing changes to their home. The interactive nature of the imaging system, in contrast to standard approaches, makes this service possible. Sessions can be conducted in either your office or on a notebook computer at the customer site. You may include a short imaging session in the base service that you provide. However, longer sessions are billed as a separate item (typically in increments of half hours or hours), providing you with an additional income opportunity on a project.

The imaging equipment used in the business is a lot of fun to work with. Consider your digital camera for example. You'll begin many projects by taking photos of an existing home. The imaging system is then used to modify the photos to show your customers how their remodeling ideas will actually look. You'll also use the camera to capture realistic images of building materials, decorations, plants and other items to customize your imaging library.

As you can see, it's hard to imagine a better business if you want to combine a personal interest in any aspect of home improvement with the exciting field of digital imaging. Computer visualization is a serious business, but it's also fun... and that's the way work really ought to be.

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View tour directory Training & Support

The first step in kicking off your business is to participate in a two-day training program. Training is done either at IdeaVision in the Orlando, FL area or a representative from IdeaVision will come to your location if you prefer. The training is very comprehensive, covering business start-up, marketing, advertising, sales and operating the imaging system. It's an enjoyable, hands-on process where you walk through real visualization projects that you'll soon be doing for your own customers.

The imaging system provides you with an advanced capability, but it's not difficult to use. Anyone with reasonable personal computer skills will learn the system quickly and use it effectively. You have the best of both worlds by owning a hi-tech business that doesn't require a technical background to operate. In fact, your business and personal skills are much more important. The imaging system handles the technical details for you.

IdeaVision recognizes that everyone is more skilled in certain areas than others. Our business owners come from a variety of backgrounds and age groups. Thus, each training session is customized to reinforce the specific areas that you would like the most assistance with.

Support picks up where training leaves off. IdeaVision considers it crucial to the success of your business. As a result, you'll enjoy a support policy that's truly different. There are no frustrating call centers for you to sit on hold and connect to whoever happens to be available. Instead, you work continuously with one individual who serves as your business consultant and coach. This person understands your business inside and out, providing guidance on business planning, strategy, marketing, pricing, management, using the imaging system and all other business aspects. The focus is on comprehensive business support because you're running a business, not learning to use some product. It's good to know that you have someone to call who really cares about you and your business.

Team Services, a web site created exclusively for the Visionair Builder business owners, is another important resource for you. Team Services provides a dedicated site where business owners share information with each other. Features include an extensive library of marketing documents (brochures, letters, advertisements, press releases, promos, etc.), a resource center (links to Internet sites and other types of business reference materials), a tips section (lessons learned and experiences from the owners), an imaging system upgrade center, and business announcements. The marketing library alone is invaluable because so many good materials have been contributed by IdeaVision and the business owners. Team Services provides an organized way to greatly expand the resources available to all the owners.

Thus, you aren't alone in running your business because you have a wealth of expertise to guide you and build upon. Support is only a phone call away or e-mail if you prefer. Better yet, there's no time limit on your support. After all, your business is meant to flourish for a long time. IdeaVision believes that assistance should be there when you need it.

Our objective is to do whatever it takes for you to succeed.

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Does the idea of being an independent consultant without supervisory responsibilities, employee headaches, labor regulations and complex tax reporting sound appealing? That's one reason why your business is so enjoyable. The business is set up in a similar manner as other professional services. It's run profitably by one person, which can be yourself or someone else running the business for you.

The business involves two primary efforts: marketing and operating the imaging system. Administrative tasks are minimal. Thus, splitting responsibilities between a couple of people is another viable option. It's a great way for a husband/wife team or a couple of friends to get together to run the business. A partnership is ideal if one person is stronger in their marketing skills, while the other person is more adept at using the computer.

What kind of people are attracted to the business? IdeaVision promotes equal opportunity regardless of race, sex, ethnic or religious background. Thus, our owners represent a diverse group, covering a wide range of cultural, employment and educational experiences. The split between male and female owners is approximately the same. Owner households vary from one person to large families with children of all ages. The common bond is an attraction to home improvement, real estate, computers, building, landscaping, decorating, photography or similar interests.

Few owners had any direct experience in architecture or other home design activities beforehand. However, many liked the idea of pursuing these life-long interests without the need to go back for years of additional schooling and training. Some owners are just getting started in their careers, but know already that they want to pursue an entrepreneurial path. Others saw a way to exit their previous line of work, escaping more physically demanding tasks as age or health problems set in. It's a perfect opportunity for those who want to "retire early", but still stay active professionally with meaningful income. The business is also attractive to people who are facing a transition in their careers such as military personnel. Of course, some of us just plain hated our jobs and decided to do something about it!

You can work the business effectively either full-time or part-time depending on your personal needs. The business is comprehensive and designed to provide a full-time level of income for those who want to work it on a dedicated basis. However, one good strategy for individuals who are currently employed is to start part-time, then gradually transition to full-time. There are many activities that you can do to kick off and build your business during the transition period. This approach means that your business will grow slower than if you worked it full-time right away. The big advantage though is that you continue to generate your current level of income, and thus enjoy a very low pressure business start-up. Some of your income can also be channeled back into the business for marketing campaigns and other activities that might not be available to you otherwise.

As your business grows, you may start to take on more work than you or your partner can handle. Fortunately, another unique aspect of the imaging system makes this situation much easier for you. Most software tools don't consider workflow because it's assumed that a single user is involved. In contrast, the imaging system is designed to work on a project in three distinct phases. Each phase requires a different level of knowledge about the system and can be delegated to a different person. This feature of the system provides you with the flexibility to design a workflow for your growing business that works best for the personnel resources that you have available.

The imaging system design also takes into account that you may want to train a partner or your own employees someday. The business oriented, non-technical approach that made it easy for you to learn also makes it easy for you to train others. You don't need to hire expensive technical personnel with specialized graphics skills, which would suffocate your ability to grow the business. The time and cost savings of the Visionair Builder approach, plus all the personnel flexibility, are major competitive advantages for you.

Deciding to take on a partner or employee is a difficult decision and a big step for any small business. However, the reason you're facing the dilemma in the first place is that your business is successful. That's an indescribable feeling to have, which could never be matched working for someone else.

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A great product or service is nothing without an effective marketing and sales program. However, developing a plan to successfully promote a business doesn't occur overnight. It takes years of market evaluation with expensive trial-and-error testing to find the right formula. Fortunately, your license provides you with a comprehensive promotional plan that was developed by IdeaVision, along with the guidance to implement the plan. It's a major benefit because you're able to leverage off a professional marketing program to hit the ground running with your new business.

The overall marketing strategy segments the market into two primary customer bases for your service: (1) homeowners and (2) the businesses which provide products and services to the homeowners. Each customer base has an entirely different set of needs than the other. Homeowners want to use your service because they save time, money and reduce stress by making decisions visually before expensive construction is started. Businesses value visualization because it's a great tool for selling more of their product, while building stronger customer relationships at the same time. Thus, a unique strategy and customized advertising materials are used to address the specific needs of each type of customer.

Most people have little or no experience in marketing and sales when they start a business for the first time. It may even seem daunting to some, which stems mostly from not knowing what to do. Marketing and sales are learned skills though, just like any other skill that you're already proficient at. Remember that part of being an entrepreneur is growing in ways personally that you never had an opportunity to experience before. Anyone can master the necessary skills, as long as they're willing to learn and make the effort. Thus, IdeaVision places heavy emphasis on assisting new owners in this area.

Guidance is provided in several ways, starting with the business evaluation program. The evaluation leads you step-by-step through a process to quantify key market characteristics for your business before making an investment decision. By the time you complete the evaluation, you'll be able to assess the potential of your local market based on sound business fundamentals. It's the type of planning that should be completed by anyone before starting a business, but is rarely done in practice.

Once you decide to start the business, you'll find that the business plan which accompanies your license is an important tool for kicking off your promotional program. The plan includes a detailed section on promotion developed exclusively for this business. You'll learn the following key information:

  • How promotion works (...and doesn't work)
  • The strategy to follow in planning your program
  • Guidance on creating a variety of promotional materials / contact lists
  • Specific advertising campaigns to launch your business initially
  • More advanced campaigns to expand your business
  • How to leverage off your growing customer base
  • Example advertising materials
  • Criteria for grading and improving your program

Marketing and sales are also covered during your formal two-day business training. It provides a good opportunity to refine the promotional program for your local market because every location has unique characteristics. Any questions or concerns that you have are addressed so that you're fully prepared to start promoting your business at the conclusion of training.

Team Services is another valuable resource for implementing your actual advertising campaigns. A wide variety of professional marketing pieces created by IdeaVision and your fellow business owners is available at this team web site. Imagine the ability to access an extensive library of marketing/sales documents such as brochures, sales letters, print ads, trade show tips, logo design and publicity campaigns that are designed specifically for your business. Suppose you want to create a new brochure. Just download the desired document, change a few words if you like, and you're done! It's that simple.

It's also reassuring to know that promoting your services doesn't require door-to-door sales, random phone soliciting or other high pressure tactics because there are so many better ways to get the word out. Instead, contacts are made in a professional manner through business associations, industry events, trade shows and customer referrals. You have an innovative service that people notice and respect, a business that you'll be proud to tell everyone about.

The personal nature of the service leads to close business relationships with many customers, making you part of the customer team. Best of all, your customers eventually take over spreading the word for you, a powerful business concept called viral marketing. Repeat business and word of mouth advertising become the driving force behind your sales growth.

You'll enjoy this cost effective marketing strategy, along with all the resources and guidance that come with it.

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We won't spend much time here because there isn't much to do. Thank goodness! It's much better to focus on making money than trudging through paperwork.

Your business may be organized in any of the standard forms, such as a sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation. The simplest type from an accounting standpoint (sole proprietorship) works well unless you have partners, other businesses or special financial needs. In a sole proprietorship, maintaining the business books is a minor task and reporting requirements are little more than an additional page on your personal tax return. Tracking operating expenses isn't a bother because there just aren't that many expenses to begin with. As such, many of the business owners are able to handle all of the accounting themselves.

You would be hard pressed to find a more ideal financial setup:

  • Professional rate of return on your time
  • Start part-time if you like, while continuing other income activities
  • Low overhead: your office is at home
  • No inventory to manage
  • No ongoing royalty or support fees - it's not a franchise
  • No payroll to run unless you take on employees
  • Only maintenance item is your computer equipment
  • Time is your primary cost
  • Local customers keep transportation expenses down
  • Budget what you can afford for advertising
  • Phone, office & computer supplies... that's it!

Thus, you get to keep most of your income because ongoing expenses are low. Expenses can be reduced to almost nothing if a personal situation, such as a health problem, forces you to take a temporary break from your business. Your primary investment (the license fee) is well-defined and known up front so that you can plan accordingly. As a result, the financial risk with starting your business is low, especially compared to other businesses.

In contrast, a business with higher overhead, royalty fees, expensive equipment to maintain, numerous employees or the like is much riskier because there are significant ongoing costs after the initial investment. It's these types of expenses that can lead to unmanageable debt and potential bankruptcies because they keep accruing, sometimes even after the business is shut down. Fortunately, you don't have to worry about such unpleasant things here.

Professional return, low expenses and low risk - a winning combination for your business...

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Businesses are offered via different types of legal arrangements. Licensing (used for the Visionair Builder business) and franchising are two of the most common forms. Both allow entrepreneurs to start a business using the knowledge base and tools developed by another company. However, the similarities end there because the legal obligations in the agreements are entirely different. There are many good franchises, but you feel relieved that you didn't buy into one after reading all the horror stories about franchisee experiences with the parent company.

You see, a franchise is an intensely legal arrangement between the franchisee (the individual business owner) and the franchisor (the parent company). The franchisee is obligated to run their business in the exact manner that is dictated by the franchisor. Equipment and supplies typically must be bought only from the franchisor, even if they can be obtained cheaper elsewhere. A percentage of the business profits (known as royalty fees) must also be paid to the franchisor. Thus, franchisees are not able to keep all of their business income. Franchise agreements are legally binding for long periods, often ten years or more. A lot can change in your life in ten years. Franchisees do enjoy many aspects of business ownership, but they're still working for someone else. Forget what was said before about being the boss.

In contrast, the Visionair Builder license agreement grants you the rights to start a truly independent business. You'll receive a protected territory, plus the same level of guidance, tools and support that you would get from a quality franchise. However, you'll also have total flexibility in how you operate your business. You're not required to buy equipment or supplies from IdeaVision. You'll also get to keep all of your hard-earned income because there are no royalty fees. The license doesn't force you to run the business for any specified length of time. You can move or sell the business if you like. Your business is even given a name that you choose. IdeaVision is always there to assist and guide you, but doesn't dictate how you run your business. Instead of forcing you down a rigid path, IdeaVision encourages you to use your creativity to come up with novel services and products.

The license agreement wording is straightforward and easy to comprehend. You'll have plenty of time to look it over, or have someone review it for you, because the agreement is included in the materials provided with your 30-day business evaluation. The agreement clearly defines the responsibilities for both IdeaVision and the business owners so that there isn't any misunderstanding. Minor modifications can even be made to meet the specific needs of an owner as long as the intent of the overall agreement isn't changed. We realize that everyone has unique interests.

A local city and/or county license, required for all businesses in your area, is the only other type of license that you may need. The application process is simple and the fees are low for a home-based business so it's just a formality to receive one. Applications are typically available at your city hall or county government center. Note that you don't need any type of state mandated professional license or certification because your business provides a visual portrayal only. All technical design and construction are still done by a building professional with the proper qualifications. Thus, you don't have to worry about taking on any of the liability for a project. A standard disclaimer is included on all quotes and invoices that you provide to customers to make this point clear.

You own your own independent business with minimal legal obligations. You really are the boss.

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We appreciate you spending time with us today to take the business tour. The Visionair Builder business is not for people looking for magical, get rich quick schemes. You're not going to "make a million overnight", "achieve unlimited profits", or do any of those other fantasy things touted by some. Hard work and perseverance are required ingredients for success just as they are in any legitimate business. However, if you're looking for a real change and have the desire to join other entrepreneurs to build a better future, the rewards will last a lifetime.

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